Let’s do everything we can to help protect life!

Let’s do everything we can to help protect life!

Protecting life is our highest priority during this time of pandemic infection. That’s why we at Riverside United Church have adapted the way we worship and gather, so as not to become sources of viral transmission ourselves. Given the state of affairs, we recognize that we can no longer gather Sunday mornings to worship in the sanctuary.

God calls us all to be agents of love in the world. So, we must join with others to do what we can to protect life, alleviate fear, and offer peace—but all from a distance. We must continue to demonstrate as best we can God’s unconditional love for us all—but only from a distance.

On the main page of this site, you will find a variety of resources we hope will bring you some peace of mind. We hope they will help relieve some of the anxiety you may be feeling. Every week you will find a pre-recorded Sunday service that I pray will bring you comfort. Our Music Director, Margita Lange, will provide a variety of music selections for your enjoyment as well. Look for our Children and Youth Coordinator, Natalie Willie’s, words of encouragement and instruction, too.

So, visit our site often!

Stay connected!

Stay safe!

Be strong!

Keep faith!

Most of all, fill your hearts with love!


Rev. Frank Staples