Happy Mother’s Day all of you lovely ladies – you are all Mothers, even if you might not be a biological one! I am doing a little bit of a mother’s theme today. My first piece is a Nocturne by John Field (1782 – 1837). He was an Irish composer who originated the Nocturne form, which was later made famous by Chopin. Field went on to develop the Russian Piano School. A Nocturne is  work of art dealing with evening or night – a dreamy composition for piano. This piece, which was originally written for piano,  is very relaxing to listen to and lovely to play. Mothers are great story tellers, so my second piece is Joel Raney’s great arrangement of “I Love To Tell The Story”.

My featured song this week is “All of That Love From Here” by Wynonna Judd. This song evokes some very special childhood memories of me with my Mom. I was an only child of older parents, and was always very inquisitive and at times a bit precocious! We didn’t have cotton fields, but we did have a large garden and a variety of fruit trees. I spent the summer helping mama canning everything we could find, going to farms to pick fruits and veggies to supplement what we had at home. I was always trying to ‘help’ with everything that needed to be done, including the wash. Before we had a “Normal” washing machine, we had one of those wringer washers. Mama always warned me about those finger crushers – never-the-less, I got my little fingers flattened a few  times! Of course, we didn’t have a dryer at that time, so everything got hung outside on the line – I still do that. There is nothing like the smell of clean sheets dried on a washline in the sun. My parents had a very strong faith. My Dad was one of the founding members of what is now the Living Word Pentecostal Assembly. Our social life revolved around church – was there at least 5 times a week, and on Saturdays, we had German school. I guess I’m still keeping a similar schedule, except for the German school – lol!

 This past week I was asked to take the rest of the month of May as vacation time, so this will be my last FMB until the beginning of June.

Please stay safe, get your vaccines, and email me or call me any time – it’s not like I’ll be going anywhere! – luv, ml