Music Ministry of Margita

Hello everybody! It’s only been two days and I’m pining already! I am not allowed to go back to church, so I went back on Sunday morning and picked up a few more things – brought home all of my Hayes and Raney piano books and some other things – will be learning a lot of new music on my old out of tune baby here at home. I need to connect with all of you for the sake of my own sanity – our anthem last week was Because He Lives, as Dan McCulloch so wonderfully rendered at our last service. Our choir had been working on a dynamic new anthem for this Sunday “Jesus In The Wilderness” by Tyler Mabry (Shawnee Press) . He wrote this in 2018, and it is very rythmic and really cool to listen to. You can listen to it on youtube (link below). Here are the condensed words: Jesus in the wilderness forty days, forty nights. Fasting and praying. Then He heard the devil saying,”Jesus, You’re a hungry man. Do yourself a favour. Save yourself if You’re a Savior! Send forth Your power and turn the stones to Bread!” That’s what the devil said. Then Jesus answered, “We live by the Word of Heaven, not by bread alone.” Then He heard the devil saying, “Jesus, You’re a holy man. Show the world Your power. Throw Your body from this tower. Surely the angels will lift Your sacred head!” That’s what the devil said. Then Jesus answered, “Believe in the pow’r of Heaven, never test you God.” Then he heard the devil saying, “Jesus, You’re a mighty man. You’re beyond temptation. You deserve to rule the nations! Kneel down and serve me, and I will crown Your head!” That’s what the devil said. Then Jesus answered, “My Lord is the God of Heaven, I serve God alone!” – amazing music, great message – have a listen.

On another note, I’m so grateful we were able to go to Jamaica last month – picked up some Bob Marley cd’s when we got back – never realized how spiritual this guy was – have a listen to his song “Three Little Birds” endlessly over this past week – “Rise up this mornin, smiled at the risin sun. Three little birds pitch by my doorstep. Singin sweet songs of melodies pure and true. Singin, don’t worry bout a thing. ‘Cause every little thing is gonna be all right.” If you write in Bob Marley Three Little Birds, it will come up on you tube as well.

That is my message to YOU

Luv you, stay smart, stay safe!